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Our new Haircare range has landed !

I began at least 10 months ago after my course in learning about the hair and scalp, so was keen to put what I had learnt into practise. We have all been conditioned (pardon the pun) to grab a plastic bottle and squeeze ! It takes time to instil perhaps better practises than that.

After numerous formulations and testing our beautiful, plastic free Shampoo & Conditioner bars are available. Hop over to our refreshed website, where you can see the range. It has taken some time to get here 😊

So our Shampoo Bars.... made with organic butters, and oils specific to hair type or condition. Each bar is different ( so not the same bar, scented differently !).

All of our bars should be gentle on the scalp, as they are enriched with Coconut Milk (definite favourite !) and Cucumber Extract. We also have a bar especially for your scalp to help with dryness and flakiness.

Go check them out ! They are all beautifully scented, naturally, with citrus essential oils. Our naked bar comes unscented.

Our Conditioner Bars..... these, too, are rich in organic butters and oils for normal to dry, normal to oily hair, and curly hair ! Scented to compliment our Shampoo Bars with fresh citrus scents, these bars will leave your hair feeling soooo soft and manageable. They can take a little getting used to, as you merely need to glide them over your wet hair. The result is fabulous though.

So I hope you take a look at the new products, and give them a try. I think I nailed the packaging too !

Thanks for dropping by.


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