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Award winning Naked Bar for Baby

Mondays are normally pretty dreary after a great weekend, and Spring decides to quickly retreat (hopefully for the last time this year). But.... late last evening I received an email we all want to get when we enter awards that so many other brands have entered.

The Bambini Baby Awards 2023 have awarded our Naked Goat's Milk bar a Silver in Best Baby Product for Sensitive Skin. Yay. You can see the winners on .

Well worth a look for new mums, dads and babies. Do consider our bars if you are thinking of a new baby gift, or a baby shower gift. I wish there were products like ours when my son was a baby. I just bought what I thought (and was told) was good, but I did not necessarily understand or consider the all natural factor.

Our Naked bar is fabulous for baby, but for all actually! Particular with those suffering a little with sensitive skin.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about our success. Looking forward to my next blog post. Although I am not as regular posting as I would like, the main reason is time with regards to our soon to be launched hair care product bars (soap free).


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