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Welcome to our corner of North Yorkshire ........

Well this was actually snapped in Bath before my life went into another holding pattern, like everyone else on the planet, but hey.  

Thanks for visiting Lily & Rabbit, and my about us page. If you’re here, you obviously care about what goes against your skin and hair, and are interested in natural cleansing products. That’s where it all started for me really and my first holding pattern. Breast cancer treatment, and a number of years later, I became not only conscious of what I ate, but what I started using on my skin.  

Living in Tuscany, natural body products rich in olive oil became a mainstay, including bar soap (it was there that I was won over).  More life events, and here we are in Knaresborough, our lovely market town in the North.


Determined to make the most of our move, I started making my own bars with goat’s milk because when in North Yorkshire..... Combined with olive oil, these bars were so lovely and soothing for sensitive skin (all sufferers in our household). Castor oil rounds them off nicely (we all like a good lather and bubbles, it also enriches our bars). So, our goat’s milk soap range was born. Award winning too now. 

Fast forward a few years, and considering changing life styles, and so many friends embracing veganism, our offering of a vegan range wasn’t far behind. Coconut milk substitutes goat’s milk beautifully, for its soothing and gentle properties, and I decided to use coconut oil, formulated to ensure our bars are cleansing,  not drying to the skin. It lends a gorgeously rich lather to soap too.

I formulate and make all of our bars.

My bars are all natural, and where scents are used, I use essential oils.

Colourants and exfoliators are from nature or the sea. 

I really love milk-based cleansing products, and I hope you enjoy ours. 

Thanks again for stopping by. 


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