Frequently asked questions

So why goat's milk in soap?

Beneficial to all skin types of all ages, goats milk soap is especially gentle & mild for those of us with sentisive skin prone to irritation, eczema, psoriasis & acne. Goats milk soap is rich in antioxidants such as vitamins A, C & E, and contains anti-inflammatory (from the fat molecules in the milk itself) & anti-aging properties. Our goats milk soap bars gently cleanse skin and therefore do not clog pores which can cause break-outs.

What's the benefit of olive oil in soap?

In our soap, olive oil compliments the goats milk for senstive & dry skin. The addition of olive oil creates beautifully mild & gentle conditioning bars. Great for everyday use, all year round.

What do you mean by 'all natural'?

Bascially, no man made ingredients in our bars. We make our soap with raw goats milk, olive oil, castor oil & additives from mother nature to add colour or skin loving properties. We only use essential oils (no fragrance oils that are produced in labs to create various scents).

How long will my bar last?

Our bars last a month or more, provided you look after them! Let your soap dry between washes, and don't leave it sitting in water. Cold process soap naturally retains the goodness of glycerine (which is a humectant so it attracts water). Glycerine is fabulous for the skin, but it can make your bars "disintegrate" easily if they remain too wet.

What are salt bars?

Salt bars are often called "spa bars", and mine is made with Himalayan Pink Salt. They are lovely bars to use, but may be drying if used everyday. They are a beautiful exfoliating bar, but the salt can be harsh, so we recommend lathering the bar, and using that to cleanse. Especially on the face - that is too delicate. This is explained in each salt bar description, and on the label of your bar.