Lemon  Coconut Smoothie

Lemon Coconut Smoothie

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When life gives you lemons.... some people make cake but we make soap ! A luscious lemon scented bar with 100% organic coconut oil and coconut milk, which inspired the name. Sweet, and refreshing if you love the scent of fresh lemon. 


Suitable for face and body.

Vegan friendly.

  • Ingredients

    Sodium Cocoate (Saponified Coconut Oil)*, Aqua, Cocos Nucifera Fruit Extract (Coconut Milk)*, Glycerine, Citrus Limon Peel Oil (Lemon Essential Oil) & limonene, linalool, citral & geraniol (naturally occurring in essential oil).

    * organic

  • Weight


  • Packaging

    Our Vegan range is packaged in 100 % natural cotton bags. We recommend the recyclable label with instructions &  ingredients is kept  on hand until no longer needed. Tape used to secure the label is plastic free and made of plant material.