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Website refresh & new product range launch !

Ok, so I have been quiet on the blog for my site, but it has been for a very good reason.

I hope you enjoy browsing our new vegan friendly range of soaps, newly added on the site, complete with pictures, today.

I love milk soaps, so have incorporated organic coconut milk into these bars, so for people who want the benefit of goat's milk, without the goat, there you are ! I've also used 100% organic coconut oil, as I found when formulated correctly, the soap has a gorgeous lather, and doesn't dry the skin.

Within the range, I've launch a companion spa bar, or salt bar. If you haven't tried salt bars before, you're in for a treat. You don't need to use them every day, so they last ages. They can be drying if used too often so just twice or three times a week is enough (I found for me anyway). They are also great for troubled skin, so acne sufferers may see benefit from use. Himalayan Pink Salt is a great exfoliator, but for delicate skin, and particularly the face, lather them up, and clean with the lovely, thick lather they produce.

As usual, I'm generous with the bar size, so these weigh in at approximately 170g. You're welcome.

Fiona x

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