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I’ve seen the pubs in Knaresborough, well their beer gardens, full of people. Traffic is still pretty light though when you least expect it, but that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned. I have to say I am still concerned about venturing out, but have considered that as long as I’m outside, I should be OK. Armed with that thought, I was geared up for our first market this past Sunday in Ilkley. Fortunately cancelled, otherwise we would have all been blown to Timbuktu.

I have to admit, rather guiltily, that I felt a sense of relief. A lot has gone in to Real Food Ilkley market in this new era, and I have the face shield, mask with filter, gloves, alcohol wipes…. everything I need to safely return to selling soap to the public. But I felt glad it was deferred for another week. I've never delighted in a windy, wet Sunday before ! I miss other traders as well as our regular customers obviously, but that virus is still out there, and I worry we are all trying to capture Summer “normal” too quickly.

But again, and it’s almost a mantra for me, I’m OK as long as I’m outside. So hopefully the good folk of Ilkley and surrounds will feel the same way. I will make sure I take a snap all decked out in my virus armour for posterity at least. I hope to see you there if you can make it. Remember, you’re outside 😊 and don’t forget that social distancing. People forget really quickly about that, and you do have to maintain vigilance with it. I’m starting to sound like a government alert message, so will sign off. Check out our Instagram page for that promised pic ! I'll post it in my next update here too. Take care out there.

Thanks for checking in with me again.

Fiona, Lily & Rabbit


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