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New product offering - changing times

Big ideas in the past 12 month have slowly taken shape. Our new range has been tested, and I am happy to announce that our Vegan friendly soaps will be available soon. Yay. It's a lot of work to get the formulation just right and I succeeded with that around February timeframe. Needless to say I have soooo many test soaps in my basket (see the front cover of this blog post!). Rather like buying Halloween sweets when we lived in North America (always buy your favourites in case you are stuck with leftovers), I tested with geranium rose.

Anyway, as you guessed, Vegan friendly means no animal products, either in the soap, in the making of the soap, and in the sourcing of base ingredients. I never knew that monkeys can be used to get coconuts for their oil, did you? Souring ingredients can be a real eye opener.

Like our goat's milk soaps, I wanted to make our new range suitable for those with sensitive skin. I've gone rather nuts for coconuts and so our new bars will be made with 100% coconut oil, and with coconut milk to provide the soothing properties that goat's milk provides. They have undergone vigorous testing in our household - all sensitive skin "sufferers". We are introducing some fresh new scents too, to change things up a bit. The lather is stupendous too ! So rich and creamy.

I'm looking forward to introducing these new bars online and in our up coming markets, when they have completed all of the necessary assessments. So please stay tuned. We're also attending some new markets this year - one in Harrogate every month from June. Delightfully close to home so not too much of an early morning start!

Thanks for reading the blog - it has been awhile since I posted although I am always busy on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. As the UK starts opening up again, enjoy your new found freedoms.

Fiona. x

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