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Baby soap !

Did you know our Naked and Bee Naked bars are gentle enough for baby ( 3 - 36 months ). We have wrapped them up in some new clothes - pictures are on the website with more coming soon. A new bar has been launched too, our Lavender Baby. If you follow us on social media you will have seen this new bar. A hint of lavender for baby's bath time in our Naked goat's milk bar, and that's it.

In a way 2021 has been good for Lily & Rabbit. We've won more awards (including the Bee Naked), launched our vegan range, and now updated our offering to make it easier for those choosing a soap for baby.

We are attending some larger markets in the run up to Christmas, more on that in a later blog post (it IS still October), but we hope to offer some lovely baby items along with our bars for "baby's first Christmas", as well as some new, heavier bunny soap dishes. I will have to do battle with the website again to upload these in the next few days, as well as the gift boxes. Right now, I've done enough to get the baby collection up. Have you also noticed our rather slick new photos? I always feel like a glass of wine is well deserved when I have updated our site !

Have a good evening, and thanks for the quick read.

Fiona x

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