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A very different Christmas

I'm sure you have already read "I can't wait to live in precedented times". I echo that sentiment but rather wonder in the run up to the festive season whether this Christmas will see us appreciate the simple things more, and being together with family (at least the family we are allowed to be with). My heart goes out to people suddenly finding themselves in Tier 4 over the weekend. Very much a year of having to go with the flow, 2020 has certainly been a year of reflection. For our part, I am so very appreciative of local online Christmas markets as well as people willing to give us a go throughout the year. I am so happy to have connected to local customers, and value them more than they can ever possibly know. I can happily echo this with all who have taken a leap of faith and purchased our soap online. So if you are one of these kind people, I hope you are reading this and a big thank you to you !

Have your festivities started early? I know in Lily & Rabbit HQ the tree went up a week earlier than normal, and as I write, I am already into the homemade Christmas cake (I love fruit cake !). I cannot possibly confess how many home made mince pies I have eaten to date (the frangipane variety since I have tried these, ordinary mince pies just won't do). This all said (and I think I can be forgiven for my indulgence to date), I have started replenishing our supply of Naked, Charcoal and Geranium Rose.

I am also experimenting with new formulations for our Vegan range as I was not happy with what I produced (and did not eventually put on the site for sale). History has taught me that if you are not comfortable with something, listen to that voice. So it is back to the drawing board, but hopefully some exciting launch in the New Year.

I wish all of our customers a blessed new year, and that hopefully 2021 will be better (it can't be worse frankly, can it?). If you are not a customer yet, then welcome, and please look at our offering to date, and perhaps subscribe to keep up with our expanding business.

Merry Christmas to all. Fiona x

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