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Our go-to bathing product while living in Tuscany for several years was wholesome olive oil soap that beautifully cleansed and conditioned our family's skin. Since moving to North Yorkshire, we have been inspired to make luscious soaps by combining olive oil & raw goats milk (the best of both worlds in our opinion).


We love making soap !

Mindful of sensitive skin, and wanting to uphold our ethos of an all natural soap maker, we scent our bars with fine essential oils, and use colourants & exfoliators from mother nature. We also add castor oil to our soap for a nice creamy lather.


Worth their weight....

Our bars are a chunky minimum weight of 115ge. They usually weigh between this and 135ge - they're hand cut, so it's not an exact science and we want to be generous with our bars !

....and finally, what's in a name?

Aunt Lilian (Lily for short), was a true English rose. Petite, pretty and a much loved aunt, she was an inspiration for our name.


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